1% Every Day

It's been rough for so many folks for a long time. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight, but at least hope is keeping us all working and playing and learning.

I had high hopes of getting a lot of technical articles done, and building a bunch of games, stories, etc. at the beginning of the year. As with many folks, plans have changed. I have however gotten 3 novels (self) published and I'm working on several more.

What I want to convey with this post is something I've learned over time that might offer some degree of wisdom to you. What could it be?

Take some time every day to improve some aspect of your life by just 1%. Everyone can do 1% right? I mean it's such a tiny thing. But what does it really mean? 1% might mean today you sleep in an extra hour, or you spend some time writing your novel, or working on coding. The idea is that you build on the improvements every day. 1% is like a compound interest savings account. Every advance should build on the previous in some way so that you find yourself closer to your goals.

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