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Today marks the second day in a row for me blogging. A major milestone! Today I learned how to pull in a JavaScript class from a remote location via fetch in Observable, and this will really change how I work on my tiny tools for storytelling. link here

I’m going to work on a tiny game where you come once a day and gather resources, solve quests , and see adventures. I’m getting a little low key excited about it. More to come!

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I have been trying to start blogging since the year started, and I’ve had a kind of writer’s block while at the same time getting all kinds of ideas for writing posts, usually after I see someone else who posted something interesting.

But I’m not waiting any more. I’m going to try blogging every day no matter what, and will try to do it early in the mornings.


I wish had a markdown preview, but I suppose one can post anonymously then repost it later. I am going to try that out at some point.

Some topics I want to blog about * Godot Engine * Clockwork Apprentice * HTML stuff * Observable stuff * Storytelling * more!

This is being written on my new iPad Pro, and I have to say it’s a great device. Having a ginormous screen turns the iPad into a gaming and creation device as well as allowing me to jump from thing to thing quickly.

I’m also playing some games like Titan Quest on this device which is just pure fun.

This weekend I want to work more on some storytelling tools on Observable.

I'm getting the bug to write again. I am thinking about using Royal Road as the kind of stories I want to write seem to lend themselves to that format, and I want to work on serial fiction. My novel “The Clockwork Apprentice” has been around a bit, but I think if I can get it posted there, I can revive my desire to get it completed.

Working on my home page – wrangling HTML, CSS, and JS. Trying to get alpha software to work as expected. Finally figuring out a lot of things.

Testing –> ghost. Will it work?

I'm testing a new feature! Will it work? Well if this shows up on Ghost, and Twitter. Then yes!

Pieces Falling Together

A lot of pieces of this “puzzle” of creating something cool seem to be falling together. Working on Notebooks in Observable. Playing with Kaboomjs. Writing blogs here at, and trying out creating a “platform” with I've been trying to find a place to write a new serial novel, and perhaps via blogging / ghost I can do that. Can I finally get an “audience” who would find what I do worthwhile? The only way to see is to try.

I'm editing this later after posting. I forgot to mention some other sites I'm using like Canva, Milanote, and of course Github.

For so long I've just been like a person in a room full of tools and material, and I've just been making bird houses and ashtrays. Time to line up all the ducks, get serious, and make some fun stuff.

Integrating with

I am always amazed that is the site I keep coming back to in order to post content. They are smart, savvy, and have lots of integrations.

I only wish they had Markdown previews!

Today I'm trying out my Ghost integration.

Will it work?

This should show up on

As I sit here on my couch in an apartment I've lived in for years, full of clutter and family and wholly lived in, I think about the journey I have been on, and the direction I want to go in. Every day is like a tiny step. You can only do so much every day. But let it count for something. Take some time to do something you like. Learn something new every day. Fix a thing. Help someone. Be humble. Create.

I'm now 50 years old, but I feel like I'm only getting started. I'm good at some things like HTML, CSS, JS, ( learning SVG ) and I want to learn more about things like Godot Engine, Svelte, WebAssembly, and more.

Ultimately, though, it's about wanting to create. I've learned a lot via Observable and I think I've learned that a Journey should not be taken alone.

When I got married, I thought I knew everything, and my life would just be a continuation of the past, just with another person. I had no idea that my whole life would be changed in ways I could not understand at the time.

Now, I'm married, got 3 kids, working on books, games, coding, and wondering “what's next”? This pandemic has changed the world, and myself as well. It's refocused me on making every day count. And not letting depression steal another moment of time.

Time to do stuff! Have fun! Make things!

This is my first blog post that is a “day 2”. I am hoping for a “week” streak at least. Writing in the mornings is my goal. The topic is not set yet. Getting words on a page is the priority.

See you tomorrow!

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