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Today I got a new laptop. It's small, but fast, and I can do so much more with this one. It's an HP Pavilion x360 with a tablet mode. It's small, but it's perfect for my uses. Look for more code. More blog posts. More gamedev. More everything. Woot!

I've been seeing around a lot lately. I've been posting a bit there too as well! I just discovered that can “repost” from your own site's RSS feed ( Mine is here if you want to subscribe. also can auto post to Mastodon Follow me there either at this blog —> or my own account —> .

This is really powerful. RSS has been around forever, and while Google doesn't like it any more (hard to serve ads in a feed) the rest of the web can and should still use it! I'm glad sites like are embracing this and allowing all of us greater freedom.

I post a daily “dev blog” which I will be re-post to now for now on! even auto posts this to Twitter. So really, if you create a account, you can make it your “master editor” for all your social posts.

Andy Bell created a great starter kit for 11ty called Hylia , and I'm over the moon about it. I love 11ty and probably will use it for many new static sites to come. Netlify is grand and you should use it for everything as well. The “Deploy to Netlify” button is simply brilliant. It gets you up and running in seconds and allows you to dive into the code shortly after that. It even has a style guide .

Here's the tweet:

Why is Hylia cool? Because it is another way to break free from the social network black holes of Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram. It's time to take back the web, get your own site up and running, and graduate from just posting cat pictures on a social network. This will help you take that step and join the free web that was the original way the web was supposed to work. Not inside a single domain that seeks to use your private information to sell you things and make you depressed.

So, I highly recommend you watch the video, because it tells you how to set up a Wordpress style CMS with Netlify which, by the way is just BRILLANT!.

Today I have to work on “Compliance Training”, but then I'm going to do some fun coding with Tracery.

My life has consisted of working at my day job during Hack Week, working on a browser plugin. Part of the functionality is very similar to this Torus Demo . Torus is this event driven framework by @thesephist. It's pretty cool and has good documentation for such a new project.

At night I'm also getting into GDevelop which is kinda like what Godot would be if it was written in React and used Event Sheets. It's free, open source, and works pretty well.

I'm also playing Persona Three Portable, which is simply an amazingly well made game.

If you want to check out the Torus Demo, I embedded it here for convenience.

So, I'm at the beginning of a game I'm calling Dungeon Afternoon. It started with the idea of an RPG meets Neko Atsume. Then the idea of having little tea party style events you throw with multiplayer aspects.

Now, I have a bit more of the story fleshed out. You are a failed Dark Lord. The three heroes have defeated you and gave you one alternative to death. You must serve 10 years of community service and rebuild the lands you devastated.

You get to populate dungeons, wastelands, forests, and other areas. The local creatures are wary of you, and your own minions hate you. How will you succeed?

I've been thinking about how I want to move forward with #ittybittyrpg as my desire to create content for the web competes with the desire to make things in #godotengine. I was referred to another engine called GDevelop which is a React based game engine kind like Construct or Stencyl and I saw in it the potential to use something a bit better than just vanilla JS for my project. I will spend some time to get familiar with it, as it checks all the checkboxes of free, open source, extensible, and built on the web.

So much has happened since I last wrote here, but I want to maintain a routine of posting here. I've created my own site (still 'under construction') at as well as a few new sites like godotdepot and Build on the web .

Creating my own site led me to wonder if I should continue posting daily dev blogs here, but I realized that I can use this as my sort of daily “diary” and post more substantial articles and posts on my own site.

I'm also in the process of moving my Medium posts about Godot to my own blog as well. Netlify, Gitlab, and Hugo are great resources.

I also am thinking about a new game called Dungeon Afternoon where you create dungeons and monsters come to visit or stick around to help you.

I also played a lot with FireBase today, and I must say it's pretty awesome.

I'm back from vacation, and ready to get moving on the rest of this year. Lots of things to do, and I'm focused on #godotengine as well as building my websites for the year.

This is supposed to be my dev log, but there's not been a lot of that lately due to work. However, today I'm going over some things from Svelte, and I want to say that as someone with lot of obligations, do not let yourself get discouraged if you have a run of days with no “progress”. Each day is a learning experience, and you just have to hold on to your dreams and ideas, and be persistent. Even if you only spend 15 minutes on your personal projects – that adds up.

15 minutes a day for a year = 3.8 days or 91.25 hours. That's a lot!

Work is really taking up all of my headspace lately. And I feel like someone who is missing a meal each day. Kinda off.

I am, however trying out the Calm app, and it's pretty cool. Yay #selfcare .

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