Trying to make a thing

I’m trying to make a thing. This thing will be a combination of many of my ideas. It’s hard to make progress on this – because usually I think about working on it, but do not spend much time getting the details down. It’s even hard to write about it here, on my blog.

And given that – I’m going to use this blog to begin to materialize it. Kinda like what you might see in a Star Trek episode — first the lights come on – then a faded image appears, and then the final product.

I’m tired of wasting time, so maybe this stream of consciousness writing can help nail some things down .

I’m trying to build something that allows you to create a work of fiction – while you are in essence playing a game. I’m going to use Godot Engine to make it, and Supabase, along with several bits of web technologies to support the output content.

There’s a learning curve here for me, but there’s nothing stopping me from getting this off the ground. Which is what I’m doing tonight. Getting a bit of a stake in the ground with this blog post.

I will blog about random stuff, and I’m going to stop worrying about if something is blog worthy. This may include progress reports here, as well as musings about things completely different. But the point is – I AM DOING THIS.