About Me

My name is Andrew Wooldridge. I'm a webdev at eBay who loves all things JavaScript. I'm also a growing fan of the Godot game engine and Rust. I'm a husband and father.

You can reach me via email at triptych (at gmail dot com). Or you can find me on Twitter @triptych .

I am a technical writer on LeanPub –> triptych. I am a fantasy writer on WattPad –> triptych. I am a coder on GitHub –> triptych. I am a friend on Mastodon –> @triptych@mastodon.social I am a game developer on itch.io –> triptych My identity lives here on KeyBase –> triptych My tip jar –>🏺 triptych My resume –> triptych My stuffy technical site –> Andreww.xyz My creative side site –> Triptych.neocities.org My ObservableHQ profile –> triptych