On the journey – Day 2

The first day of a long journey is always exciting. You are starting new things, you're full of energy, and your enthusiasm is bright and shiny.

On day 2, you're past the celebrations, the fireworks is over, and it's time to get down to actual work. For me, I continued to dive into learning Godot Engine a bit more, while also dealing with the anxiety that is permeating everything lately. Sure the Pandemic is waning for a while – until the next wave – but now we have other things keeping us all up a night.

But, I'm coping as best as any and diving into Godot stuff. I have a list of games and game making tools I want to make that is a mile long. I'm happy thinking I'll spend the rest of my life drilling down into this and similar tools to make my dreams come true. If there's a world to have dreams in, that is.

I'm thinking about the kinds of projects I want to create – which consist of a lot of RPG style mechanics, only turned on their head. For instance I have a thought to make a Monster Healer kinda game. Instead of you going out and facing down terrible monsters and killing them, you are a healer who must seek out injured monsters and nurse them back to health, and eventually face down the party of adventurers who are leaving these creatures suffering in their wake.

I have many more ideas, but right now it learning to crawl before I can walk. I've been messing with Godot for a long time, and to be honest it's only recently that I feel like I have gotten a good grasp of the basics to create something fun. I just gotta do it. Let's get to day 5, 10, 30. And every day I'm going to spend some time in this game engine getting more comfortable building stuff. I'll even post games and things here.

I'm also spending time today relaxing and reading an amazing novel Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree which I heartily recommend. It's a “cozy fantasy” with low stakes but tons of heart and great characters.