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It's amazing that with all the advances on the web, we still consider mailing lists as a core, essential part of reaching out to people. Probably because email is such an important part of our lives as a citizen of the internet.

Goals for the weekend

  • decide on a method to publish a static site, either Saber or 11ty right now.
  • work on outline for Godot book
  • start playing around with web editor for Godot
  • play Warioware DIY

I just saw the new Final Fantasy remake trailer out, which just reminds me how I only play most games for a few hours before something new comes along. I never finished the original, even though I have like 4 different copies of it.

But, it shows you how powerful storytelling is. I was reading about Humongous Entertainment was founded on letting kids have adventures and not be talked down to, but allow their creativity to blossom.

These two different sets of games illustrate how it's not about graphics or explosions, but that real storytelling can be so compelling.

It just drives home how much I need to build tools to let folks tell better and more compelling stories.

Free and Open Source software. My life would be a much more boring and hard one without FOSS. The web is the ultimate expression of open standards. Anyone can publish apps, stories, games, and ultimately any creative work.

We have been given keys to a very bright and expansive kingdom. Let's not fritter it away by willingly submitting to arbitrary walled gardens like Facebook and Instagram.

I need to just sit down and get a site up and running. I used to be able to do this. So I can do it again.

This might be a controversial opinion, but I'm thinking that maybe having Microsoft Edge be Chromium based is a good thing for the web. And why, You say? Shouldn't there be more competition in browser engines? Shouldn't we have lot of different implementations which keep the browser vendors honest?

I am realizing that this is exactly what's going to happen.

Instead of being off in a corner trying to get developers to adopt their code and platform, Microsoft has opted to “join the team” and contribute to a major open source project. This means that they will be there if Google tries to commit code that's suspiciously biased, or will be competing on a level playing field with Chrome over features and performance. And yet, they will both be trying to make Chromium the best it can be because they both benefit, and they can use any “wins” they make to the codebase as good PR for their company.

Instead of Google being the Big Boy in the room when decisions about Chromium are made, Microsoft gets to have a say as well and can hold Google's butt to the fire when it comes to code quality and performance. Instead of seeing this as “less competition” I see this as “fiercer competition” as they both vy for developer's mindshare. And we all win when the core codebase is improved.

Google can't just pout and fork the codebase, because they will essentially be ceeding victory to Microsoft, who will be seen as the generous company coming in to help keep Chromium alive.

Also, Microsoft is betting on this codebase in other ways with Electron, Visual Studio code, and more becoming web-based (or already are).

The only loser I see here is Firefox.

They are left out in the cold while fighting for user's rights. If they could just stop stumbling over their own feet, and double down on WASM and RUST, they could really make a big impact.

STOP SCREWING UP MOZILLA! WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! But it's hard when you keep punching yourself in the face with Mr. Robots, Broken Plugins, etc.

Anyway, take heart. Competition is good, and what Microsoft has done is take the competition back to Chrome and to fight on a level playing field. I bet Edge will gain a big boost of users if Microsoft can keep it up and innovate on top of Chromium.

( Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay )

Microsoft has had a number of announcements lately around OSS. They are really taking the whole idea to heart, and beginning to reap the benefits in the developer community.

Today I faced a real challenge at work while digging through some legacy code changes. But, I persisted and while adding some breakpoints, I finally tracked down the issue. With 5 mins to spare before my shuttle was to arrive.

For my projects, I'm thinking about Faeren – my project to create a conversational interface to writing a book. Trying to decide if I should use Vuejs or just poke around in vanilla javascript. Perhaps I should reuse some of the code I was writing for #ittybittyrpg.

Not too much progress today, but staying focused.

(Photo by Romain Vignes on Unsplash)

There is so much going on in the world. And even in just the web in general. It's easy to get overwhelmed. Staying focused is not easy as the next new shiny makes its best attempt at taking your attention.

I'm finding myself out on my porch on a simply amazing wonderfully beautiful day going over Godot tutorials I bought on Gumroad Specifically the course I bought called Make Professional 2d Games with Godot

Thinking about the web, Firefox, Clojure, and all the things in one kind of big mixture. I also bought Pokemon Ultra Moon 🌝 to play through with my son.

Later today I'll continue my work on One Stop for Writers as I work on the backstory for Van Ella Magic .

Stay focused! And stay peaceful.

Koji seems like a promising new way to make web apps and games. I asked them about having iframe embeds, and they implemented the feature a few days later. Very cool!

Here's a test to see if it works in

I really wish someone would release a web-based version of Godot...

Tables Are Cool
col 3 is right-aligned $1600
col 2 is centered $12
zebra stripes are neat $1

Will this work?

Markdown Less Pretty
Still renders nicely
1 2 3

How about this one?

Definition list
Is something people use sometimes.
Markdown in HTML
Does *not* work **very** well. Use HTML tags.

Godot is cool

You can use markup?

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