Getting Back to Writing

Lately, I've been working on coding projects, but neglecting my writing. Recently Amazon announced something called Kindle Vella. This is intended to be short form, serial fiction which readers pay tokens to get to the next chapter. It really suits my way of writing, so I'm going to see how far I can go there.

I've also neglected my music listening – to my own detriment. I'm trying to correct all of these things with this blog post. I have so much cool stuff I could talk about, and yet I keep silent and see other's gaining readers through posts that are less complicated and involved than I could get to.


Let's fix that! I need to post more often and share what's going on. And maybe there will be something that interests you, dear reader?

First off let's get to some music!

I know does a great job allowing embeds, so I'm testing this out. There are so many things I could be doing here. Now that I'm vaccinated, it's time to step up and step out.

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