Pieces Falling Together

A lot of pieces of this “puzzle” of creating something cool seem to be falling together. Working on Notebooks in Observable. Playing with Kaboomjs. Writing blogs here at Write.as, and trying out creating a “platform” with Ghost.org. I've been trying to find a place to write a new serial novel, and perhaps via blogging / ghost I can do that. Can I finally get an “audience” who would find what I do worthwhile? The only way to see is to try.

I'm editing this later after posting. I forgot to mention some other sites I'm using like Canva, Milanote, Itch.io and of course Github.

For so long I've just been like a person in a room full of tools and material, and I've just been making bird houses and ashtrays. Time to line up all the ducks, get serious, and make some fun stuff.