I must blog

I have been trying to start blogging since the year started, and I’ve had a kind of writer’s block while at the same time getting all kinds of ideas for writing posts, usually after I see someone else who posted something interesting.

But I’m not waiting any more. I’m going to try blogging every day no matter what, and will try to do it early in the mornings.


I wish write.as had a markdown preview, but I suppose one can post anonymously then repost it later. I am going to try that out at some point.

Some topics I want to blog about * Godot Engine * Clockwork Apprentice * HTML stuff * Observable stuff * Storytelling * more!

This is being written on my new iPad Pro, and I have to say it’s a great device. Having a ginormous screen turns the iPad into a gaming and creation device as well as allowing me to jump from thing to thing quickly.

I’m also playing some games like Titan Quest on this device which is just pure fun.

This weekend I want to work more on some storytelling tools on Observable.