Project Maji

Today starts the day when I begin to do things “my way”. Which means I give my little project a funny name to inspire me to work on it and continue to develop it. I’m still trying to find my voice with this blog, but writing plainly right now seems appropriate. Hopefully I’ll learn to write in a way that is less abrupt or curt, but for now just getting the ideas down is the most important.

I’m calling my Godot Engine based playful writing tool “Project Maji”. The idea is to have someone feel like they are playing a game, but the output of the game is a creative work – be it a story, artwork, music, or game. I’m going to focus first on writing – as it’s closest to my own desires – and focus the first part of the tool toward that.

I also need to figure out the back story for the game aspect. I’ve been thinking about having it were you are a beginning magical student at an academy. You choose your courses and teachers and through the gameplay you end up creating something as your “final project”.

I’m just walking blind into this, but to be honest it’s what I’ve wanted to build pretty much all my life. A new kind of thing – a “Playful App” or “Appliplaytion” or something. And it won’t be the only one.

Inspired by such things as RPG in a Box, and the Storytelling Collective as well as One Stop for Writers, I want this so bad.

I created a github repo, and will be investing in learning how to do things with Godot and Supabase.

You’ll be able to log in to an account – add notes and gameplay – and see how others are doing. I want to add some aspects of NeoPets in here, but we’ll see how far that goes.

Right now – baby steps.

I don’t even know if the “app” will be called Maji, it just has some great connotations to it, and it sounds cool. And that’s what I need to stay motivated and make this new thing that I’ve never seen anyone else pull together.

I’m also inspired by this Learning App from GDQuest. I seriously love how it’s using Godot itself to learn Godot!

Photo by Fariborz MP: