Level 54

I seem to have survived a major hurdle in my life. I had a minor heart attack in April, and immediately got 2 ‘stints’ in my heart to prevent major damage. But during that time, it seems they determined that I was in an urgent need of a heart bypass surgery. Just thinking about what has happened to me since then is kinda beyond imagining.

However, I’m now almost fully recovered from this surgery and I’ll be going back to work next week. It is with much trepidation as I’ve been super weak and doing my best to recover day to day.

One of the things that has kept me going has been hanging out on Mastodon, and working on my little web game Denweaver. Every day I have been doing a little bit more on the coding side and it’s been helping me to have something to focus on a bit.

Also, to be honest, it has helped me remember why I even started coding in the first place. It was originally because web development is FUN. I just can’t get enough of HTML, CSS, and JS. And having the browser bend to my ideas is just super empowering. I’ve been doing this for a long time, but over the years I’ve kinda lost sight of the fun aspect of things. I’m now spending more time on that – and also I want to blog more. I feel like it will help me process all this stuff I’m going through, and maybe some knowledge or experience I have will interest someone else.

This title is level 54 because I just had a birthday 2 days ago. I’ve survived a major surgery and “levelled up” . Time to put away doubts and procrastination and just DO STUFF.