Always Adjust And Adapt

My motto for today is AAAA. Always Adjust And Adapt. What does this mean? When you are living life and trying to be a creative, or build something – be it an app, a career, or just writing a story, you will find that you must constantly be adjusting your plans around work, family, health, and other unknowns. That's ok. Adapting means that you take things that originally are challenges, and turn them into advantages.

For instance, you have to take the train to work. That kills like say 45 mins of your time during the day. Instead of wasting that time, use it to jot down notes, or meditate, or read documentation.

Adjusting is also necessary for your mental health. You might say to yourself “I'm going to write 1000 words today” but then life happens and you just don't get to it. Instead of feeling like that was a “fail” look at what prevented you from writing. Learn from it. Perhaps you weren't able to get to a computer – then get Google Docs for your phone. Or perhaps you just felt too tired, next time get up a little earlier and write say 200 words in the AM.

My point is that instead of constantly feeling like your plans are “foiled” take each day like a science experiment where you test your current hypothesis on productivity against the reality of the day, and each night consider your findings, then adapt and adjust for the next day.

You will feel better, actually get stuff done, and grow as a person.

Today I want to shout out to Pixabay for having cool images you can use in your blog posts.

I'm going to try to learn some more Godot today, and noodle on my Web Building tool Nodez

P.S. I almost forgot “And”. The most important A word on this list! And means always add more things. Every day, do X ... AND something else! Keep adding new things to your life. Always have an “And” ready to supplement your day!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay