Game Making with Godot

Part of my vacation time was spent working on a new game making tool called #ittybittyrpg. I'm building it in Godot and I made a lot of great progress. Here's a recent screenshot with Save and Load working, as well as a logo from Logomakr

I have a really interesting idea for IttyBittyRPG where instead of doing things like Twine or Bitsy, as I was originally wanting to do, the idea will be more like you have a fantasy world sticker book, and you create dialog, battles, and levels like you might put stickers in a sticker book. The UI for the editor will be “playful” and then the game itself will be emergent from that.

So, since this is supposed to be about coding, I had to port over the Save / Load code from an older version of GDScript to 3.1.

Code example is here