Getting to Day 2

I did it! I am doing several things today that are “day 2” of a process that's been challenging for me. During this pandemic, I've seen my attention span drop to that of a gnat on caffeine — flitting from games to novels to coding to whatever seemed interesting for 5 minutes. This due to a desire to stay distracted and not thinking about the times we are in.

But that's changing.

For me, writing is fundamental to who I am. If I'm not writing, then something is wrong. And I've not been writing or doing much for a while. So many times I will try out a thing like and after a day or so move on. But I know that if I want to regain that lost sense of self, and to move forward as a person, I need to start writing more, and getting my “voice” back. So many goals and plans, I cannot build on them if I'm just doomscrolling all day.

So today is a big milestone for me. I set a challenge for myself to start writing every day. For whatever reason, and who knows what about. But still, I'm writing on day 2! A huge step forward for me.

I've tried off and on to blog for many years, and never really found a good “place” to do it. But with I can write, embed code, apps, and more to create a place where perhaps folks will find something interesting to learn.

I worked on a “TinyIF” game today using Svelte. You can check it out here: