Hylia is cool

Andy Bell created a great starter kit for 11ty called Hylia , and I'm over the moon about it. I love 11ty and probably will use it for many new static sites to come. Netlify is grand and you should use it for everything as well. The “Deploy to Netlify” button is simply brilliant. It gets you up and running in seconds and allows you to dive into the code shortly after that. It even has a style guide .

Here's the tweet:

Why is Hylia cool? Because it is another way to break free from the social network black holes of Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram. It's time to take back the web, get your own site up and running, and graduate from just posting cat pictures on a social network. This will help you take that step and join the free web that was the original way the web was supposed to work. Not inside a single domain that seeks to use your private information to sell you things and make you depressed.

So, I highly recommend you watch the video, because it tells you how to set up a Wordpress style CMS with Netlify which, by the way is just BRILLANT!.

Today I have to work on “Compliance Training”, but then I'm going to do some fun coding with Tracery.