Starting a Long RPG AGAIN

Have you ever played a “long” RPG ( are there any that aren't) and then life happened and it was a long time before you got to play that game again? That happened with me with a game called Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky.

I originally played it on Steam in 2014 as I love RPG's but for some reason I was stuck on some part of the game and other things came around to prevent me from progressing. Probably another RPG.

So, fast forward to 2020 and here we all are stuck at home with ourselves. I still have my old game saves, and I was thinking of just “continuing where I left off” but I would not have any idea what to do! So, I'm going to try to play this game through from the beginning. I've NEVER finished an RPG in my life. And RPG's are my favorite game genre. And I'm 50 years old. What the heck right?

My problem has always been sticking with a game long enough to finish it. There's always some new game that comes your way you want to play and the “old” game doesn't seem as fun. Well, I'm hoping this time I can stick it out and get to the ending. Will I succeed? Well, I'll post about it here!

I hopefully can fast forward through the parts I've already played and get to the “new” part quickly.

Do YOU have a game like this? You enjoyed playing it, but life happened and you just couldn't finish it. Do you finish many games? If you are like me you can count the number of games you've completed on one hand. Perhaps I can change that for myself and stick with this fun RPG and see how it ends.
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