Sveltevember Day 1 : setup and deploy

Today I'm starting my development journey with Svelte. I'm getting my local development environment set up with Visual Studio code, I'm going through my Udemy tutorials, and I'm going to see if I can get a simple deployment through Netlify. I'm going to go through this Medium article about deployment which I think will complete the picture for me.

I'm kinda jumping the gun here a little. Why am I even doing this? I have been working on an Interactive Fiction tool called STIM as a way to create something using web technologies to make game making tools.

I originally implemented it with a mix of Vanilla JS and a simple framework called Torus which I highly recommend if you are whipping up a quick demo of a web app.

But now that I'm getting more serious about things, I want something more supported in the web dev community, something fast and advanced, and something to help me keep up to speed in the world of webdev.

Svelte caught my eye right away as it sticks to KISS and web standards, as well as taking a novel approach to web development by not downloading a huge runtime to the browser, but instead you “compile” your app locally ( or remotely with Sapper ) and it builds a small, fast, server rendered when needed app.

It takes the best from React, Vue, and it's own ideas and makes developing components fun again.

I'm only just starting to learn about its features, which is why I'm blogging about it here!

If you want to see a quick demo of what Svelte can do, check out this demo from the Svelte REPL.