At Campus Movie Fest ... Making a game

I'm in Atlanta for 🎬 #campusmoviefest while my daughter and her friend get to check out cool sessions on movie making and present their short films. But, I get to work on my side projects. For some reason I'm gravitating toward 🎮GDevelop. It seems like such a good fit for me – as it's close to my javascript heart for games, while also being easy to code for. The UI is still kinda ... rough in some ways, but it's still very usable. What gets me is that the games that I've seen made for this engine are so fast. I don't see any framerate drops and the controls seem to be pretty responsive. I don't know about the UI, but there must be some real good things going on under the hood.

If you've not tried it out, I encourage you to check it out and kick the tires. It's both been around for a long time (2008?) but seems new with this latest version 5. It's free and open source, so support it!