I've been thinking about how I want to move forward with #ittybittyrpg as my desire to create content for the web competes with the desire to make things in #godotengine. I was referred to another engine called GDevelop which is a React based game engine kind like Construct or Stencyl and I saw in it the potential to use something a bit better than just vanilla JS for my project. I will spend some time to get familiar with it, as it checks all the checkboxes of free, open source, extensible, and built on the web.

I'm back from vacation, and ready to get moving on the rest of this year. Lots of things to do, and I'm focused on #godotengine as well as building my websites for the year.

Trying to take it easy this weekend, but still in learning mode. Watching #godotengine videos and learning some new things from folks like Emilio:

I really wish someone would release a web-based version of Godot...

Today I'm focusing on work coding while reading up on more #godotengine goodness. My plan is to start building a simple HTML editor. Once it's done I'll write up a new tutorial.

Writing wise I'm going to pour more energy into Van Ella Magic and use that One Stop for Writers website.

Working on my next #godotengine tutorial, part 3 this weekend. Hoping I can maintain a post a week. Really happy to resume my dreams of writing, game making, and coding for the web.